The Neighbourhood of Neighbourhoods

With ample park spaces, beaches and a serene canopy, north end St. Catharines is a vacation getaway you can experience permanently. An area that boomed in new builds in the middle of the 20th-century, the north end is experiencing a renaissance of renovations, remodels and relocations. Home to some of the best schools in Niagara and plenty of options for recreation or leisure, it is easy to see why this is a popular family destination. In this neighbourhood of neighbourhoods, each offers its own charms. So whether it’s Michigan Beach, Lakeshore or Walker’s Creek, let Schwenker Homes find your dream home in north end St. Catharines.


North End St. Catharines is the city’s largest contiguous residential area. Comprising much of the former Grantham Township, the land in this area was annexed by St. Catharines in response to a booming population of the 1950s and 1960s. Rapidly, the once-expansive farmsteads of the north end became residential neighbourhoods. The benefits of north end living were apparent quickly and demand for more housing in this area of the city has never truly quieted down. However, the area’s popularity means that most available plots have been spoken for already.

Without space for new builds, residents have turned to renovating and remodeling existing properties. The result are neighbourhoods that have the look and feel of the booming post-war era combined with modern layouts, quirky interior designs and beautiful landscaping.

Water access is a prominent feature of this part of St. Catharines and the north end is a de facto peninsula itself, bordered by the Welland Canal, Lake Ontario and Martindale Pond. Fishing, swimming, boating and more are always close by in this suburban oasis. There’s lots of recreation on land too, with many trails, bike paths and park spaces. Check out the Spring Gardens Park along the waterfront trail or the serene Sunset Beach for the best sunsets in the city!

If north end living sounds right for you, contact us today to talk about finding the perfect property for you.

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