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Cam and Rai truly live real estate. Their free time is often spent talking about ways to achieve success for clients, the real estate market and researching home ideas. They have personally had experience with land development, custom home building and investing in real estate. They have lived in Downtown Toronto, North End St. Catharines, Downtown St. Catharines, Port Dalhousie, St. Davids, Virgil, and Old Town Niagara-on-the-Lake- and truly have a genuine appreciation for each. Cam and Rai have 3 children (Knox, Aria and Cruz) and 1 great dane.



Born and raised in St. Catharines, Cam Schwenker chose to establish his family and his business in the area due to his deep roots here and deep love for the community.

Cam brings unique marketing and graphic design skills to real estate. He enjoys using cutting edge technology to give his clients every advantage possible when buying, selling or investing. These skills coupled with a strong affinity for negotiations, problem-solving acumen, and motivation to please and succeed, make him a vital asset to have on your side when buying or selling your home! My experience extends from affordable fixer uppers, to multi-million dollar estates!

Not only does Cam work with his wife Raiana 24/7, his mom and mother-in-law are both realtors with McGarr Realty as well. Talk about living real estate! And if golf is your game, let’s just say it does not take much to get him on the course. In Cam’s opinion, there’s no better place to have a friendly chat about real estate then at the tee box. But it’s not just fun and games, the patience, knowledge and determination honed on the links are the same skills Cam brings to the negotiating table.

Cam Schwenker Niagara Realtor, McGarr Realty

Raiana Schwenker, Niagara Realtor, McGarr Realty



It is safe to say that Raiana has a lifetime education in real estate. Her mother, Sally Mcgarr, is the founder of one of Niagara’s only independent brokerages and one of the most success agents this area has ever seen. Working alongside her husband Cam, Raiana combines her family experience, family values and unique flair to ensure her clients’ success.

Raiana loves the relationships she’s able to build with clients that allow her use her skills, including problem-solving, interior design and marketing. If you’re in a jam, Raiana is the person who will love to help you out. This passion for people has allowed her to be an integral part of her clients’ success.

In her fleeting moments of spare time, Raiana enjoys sampling Niagara’s fantastic culinary and wine offerings and traveling with her family (preferably somewhere warm!)

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